Services for companies and organisations

I offer proofreading and editing services to businesses, universities, research institutes and NGOs.

If you produce printed material – whether reports, in-house magazines, policy papers, or any other kind of literature – you will want to ensure that the text is accurate, clear and well-styled.

I can work on your Word document, correcting errors, flagging up inconsistencies, checking and rationalising tables, and styling references and reference lists, and will return a clean and error-free document ready for conversion to your designer's typesetting program.

Or I can work on PDF proofs produced by your typesetter or designer, marking up errors and flagging up any other problems.

If you produce a lot of literature and would like to ensure good style and consistency across the range, I offer a consultation and writing service to produce your own house style guide.

For more information on the kind of clients I work for, contact me for my full CV.

Please note that I do not proofread students' theses, dissertations or essays.

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